Halle Berry Finally Leaves Spain Hospital In Crutches

Halle Berry Finally Leaves Spain Hospital In Crutches on Thursday morning. Berry was seen leaving the hospital and then boarding a private plane in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Berry will now have to rely on the crutches to even walk semi-properly. She appeared to be in lots of pain while she hopped her way into the plane wearing a cast on her broken foot. Berry was injured during one of her days off of filming her new flick “Cloud Atlas,” and apparently took a wrong step and then heard a cracking sound after to which she felt major pain. The incident was said to have taken place at the property she is renting during the filming of the film.

The studio representative told press, “Halle Berry suffered a foot injury today while walking in Mallorca on a day off from filming Cloud Atlas. Production had adjusted their schedule and will continue filming.” It has been stated that the producers will be using Berry’s stunt double as much as possible for the next several weeks to allow time for Berry’s foot to heal and recover.

There have been no reports of Berry’s doctors’ recommendations for how long she should lay off her foot and how long it will approximately take for her foot to heal 100%. Typically a broken foot will take around six weeks to heal, but depending on how bad the injury and what bone is broken it may take longer.

In other news, Halle Berry has recently put her Canadian home for sell. In 2008, Berry and then boyfriend Gabriel Aubry had purchased the home as a vacation home to use often; but now since the two have been broken up for some time there is no reason for her to keep the home. The 63 acre property has three bedrooms, a private lake, and a custom designed staircase. The home is selling for $1.9 million as of right now and the price is set low due to Berry having no desired to continue maintaining the vacation home that she rarely uses right now.