Sinead O’Connor Married her Online Boyfriend in Vegas

Sinead O'Connor Married her Online Boyfriend in Vegas

Happy: the bride and the groom on their wedding day in Vegas.

Sinead O’Connor married for the fourth time in a quickie Las Vegas wedding on her 45th birthday yesterday (08.12.11). The eccentric Irish singer tied the knot with Irish therapist Barry Herridge, who she met online. The couple exchanged vows at Sin City‘s Little White Wedding Chapel in a ceremony that lasted only 15 minutes.

Sinead O’Connor and her boyfriend, now husband, who works as a counselor for people with addiction problems in Dublin, dated only for three months. The singer was dressed in strapless pastel pink maxi dress (quite unusual for the Tomboy), revealing the many tattoos on her body, and still sporting her trademark shaved hair. The groom donned a suit over a pink shirt that matched the bride’s dress, complemented with a red rose in his lapel.

“It had to be him… I had no intention of getting married again but Barry was extremely persuasive. He proposed to me on every single date we have had since August. He is extremely persuasive — and other unprintable things.”-Sinead O’Connor said about her husband.

The newlyweds have no time for a honeymoon as the singer is due back in Dublin tomorrow to attend the aftershow party for a concert marking the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International.

Other celebrities who married in The Little White Wedding Chapel are: Britney Spears and Jason Alexander in 2004, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in 1987, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow in 1966, and Judy Garland and Mark Herron in 1965.

Sinead O’Connor, 45,  has been married three times before, including to music producer John Reynolds, journalist Nicholas Sommerlad and most recently to Steve Cooney, who she wed in July last year, but divorced in April. She has four children from various relationships.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Sinead O'Connor Married her Online Boyfriend in Vegas

Married and smitten with each other: The cameras were invited inside the chapel to capture every moment of Sinead O'Connor's Vegas wedding.

Megan Fox’s Broadway Debut

Megan Fox's Broadway Debut

Megan Fox tried her luck on stage with Broadway debut.

The stunning Megan Fox showed no signs of nervousness when she made her Broadway debut, taking part in “24 Hour Plays” project on Monday (14.11.11). The gorgeous actress joined Jesse Eisenberg, Tracy Morgan, Rosie Perez, Sarah Silverman and others at the American Airlines Theater for the stage spectacle. The yearly Broadway event helps the Urban Arts Partnership program and is co-sponsored by Montblanc.

This is the first year Megan Fox, 25, performed in this stressful one night event, where everything can go wrong at the last-minute.

The “24 Hour Plays” teams up writers, actors and directors for 24 hours, during which time they have to create six plays, to be performed on Broadway the following night. Twenty-four hours to write, direct, memorize lines and act, all for an audience hoping to see you break character.

Megan had one line that she was a rabbit, but what she really wanted to be was a computer programmer. The line was a direct result of the orientation the night before, where actors are asked to say one fun fact about themselves. Megan said she was a kick-ass Halo player, so the writer wrote it into the script.”-a Broadway source said.

Per tradition Megan Fox was also asked to bring a prop to orientation that would later be used in the show.

“Megan said she wanted to bring a sword but was afraid they would stop her at the airport, so instead she brought a Bilbo Baggins figurine.”-the source added.

Reportedly the actress, who’s married to Brian Austin Green, “really enjoyed the experience” of working on the Broadway show, which was directed by Patricia McGregor.

Jennifer Aniston, America Ferrera, Josh Hartnett, Ashton Kutcher,Sienna Miller, Demi Moore, Vince Vaughn and Elijah Wood have also appeared on in Montblanc’s 24 Hour Plays.

Megan Fox's Broadway Debut

Megan Fox alongside Paul Bettany, Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer

Demi Moore The New Face Of Ann Taylor

Demi Moore The New Face Of Ann Taylor was just announced recently for the Fall 2011 ad campaign. This title had belong to Katie Holmes, but she will no longer be the face for this fashion powerhouse. Moore, 48 years old, will appear in several promotional prints that were shot on top of the NYC’s Rockefeller Center Gardens beginning this September.

Expressing to the press that she is excited about being part of the company, Moore stated, “I feel like I’ve known Ann Taylor since I was a kid. I’ve watched the clothes move into support for the working woman.”

Moore continued, “I look back at Ann Taylor and for quite a while, they were geared toward the working woman, a lot of suiting, and a little more conservative. I think, as we’ve evolved into things that literally go from working out to work to weekend, from day into night, that there has to be a combination of practicality and a sense of fun.”

Those eager to see the new fall lineup will just have to wait only one more month. It is sure to be the classic style with a twist.