Christina Aguilera Accused of Bruising up Her Son

When Christina Aguilera was photographed holding her small child which had what resembled a black eye, people immediately started accusing Christina Aguilera of bruising up her son. People seem to have connected Christina’s Aguileraerratic behavior and boozed filled night outings” with her child’s bruised eye.

Naturally, Christina Aguilera shouldn’t be getting as wasted as she’s been alleged to be doing, but one thing has nothing to do with the other. Christina’s son: “Max” is a 3 year old boy. And like all boys, better yet all children they’re more than likely to bust themselves up at some point or another. It’s perfectly normal as a small child plays and explores. They’re not fully aware of all the dangers that surround them. Even as adults we’re not fully aware of all possible dangers.

It seems highly unfair that Christina Aguilera is getting smack for her son’s bruised eye with no actual proof and just linking it to her personal endeavors. She may not be the most likable of celebrities but accusing her of beating her son is taking way too far, especially without a dent of evidence.

Inside sources say it’s absolute nonsense. According to inside sources “Max,” was out with his nanny and chasing around squirrels when he tripped and fell over a rock and received a bruise just beneath his eye.

Sources say that Max was immediately taken to the doctor for a check up. Doctors say Max was fine. There were no fractures or stitches or anything. And they called it an “average boyhood bruise.” Which really has a ring of truth.

In normal cases, parents won’t even take their kids to the doctor if they fell and received a bruise. A couple of hours of observation, some Neosporin and a kiss to make it all better is most parents protocol. Can you imagine rushing to the ER every single time you found a bruise on your toddler? It would be a job all of its own.

Insiders stated: “Christina is a great mom…Max is her #1 priority.”