Sinead O’Connor Married her Online Boyfriend in Vegas

Sinead O'Connor Married her Online Boyfriend in Vegas

Happy: the bride and the groom on their wedding day in Vegas.

Sinead O’Connor married for the fourth time in a quickie Las Vegas wedding on her 45th birthday yesterday (08.12.11). The eccentric Irish singer tied the knot with Irish therapist Barry Herridge, who she met online. The couple exchanged vows at Sin City‘s Little White Wedding Chapel in a ceremony that lasted only 15 minutes.

Sinead O’Connor and her boyfriend, now husband, who works as a counselor for people with addiction problems in Dublin, dated only for three months. The singer was dressed in strapless pastel pink maxi dress (quite unusual for the Tomboy), revealing the many tattoos on her body, and still sporting her trademark shaved hair. The groom donned a suit over a pink shirt that matched the bride’s dress, complemented with a red rose in his lapel.

“It had to be him… I had no intention of getting married again but Barry was extremely persuasive. He proposed to me on every single date we have had since August. He is extremely persuasive — and other unprintable things.”-Sinead O’Connor said about her husband.

The newlyweds have no time for a honeymoon as the singer is due back in Dublin tomorrow to attend the aftershow party for a concert marking the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International.

Other celebrities who married in The Little White Wedding Chapel are: Britney Spears and Jason Alexander in 2004, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore in 1987, Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow in 1966, and Judy Garland and Mark Herron in 1965.

Sinead O’Connor, 45,  has been married three times before, including to music producer John Reynolds, journalist Nicholas Sommerlad and most recently to Steve Cooney, who she wed in July last year, but divorced in April. She has four children from various relationships.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Sinead O'Connor Married her Online Boyfriend in Vegas

Married and smitten with each other: The cameras were invited inside the chapel to capture every moment of Sinead O'Connor's Vegas wedding.

Duffy and her Rugby star Boyfriend Split

Duffy and her Rugby star Boyfriend Split

Duffy splits from her boyfriend.

Welsh singer Duffy and her rugby star boyfriend Mike Phillips have reportedly split up for a second time. The singer reportedly broke up with the sportsman while he was in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup earlier this month because they never get to see each other.

“It’s sad but it’s all over. Mike and Duffy went through a rough patch in May but they worked through it and spent the summer together between London and Wales. ”

“We were all hoping it would work out but they broke it off again recently and Duffy has said this time it’s final.”–a friend told the Mail.

The split is the latest twist in the 27-year-old singer’s 18-month relationship with her rugby star boyfriend, who starred for Wales in their semi-final defeat by France.

Duffy has previously spoken of her delight at being in a committed relationship with Mike, as she previously romanced some “idiots”, including Mark Durston, who claimed she wrote her first album Rockferry about him.

“I had a few other relationships but all of them were gracious enough not to come forward. So what does that tell you about him? It’s not a great character reference for someone. There are streams of idiots that I have loved and lost but now Mike is the guy for me.”

Too bad they had to split.

Duffy and her Rugby star Boyfriend Split

Duffy and her rugby star boyfriend Mike Phillips have split.

Lady Gaga tells Boyfriend’s Ex: Stop Calling!

 Lady Gaga tells Boyfriend's Ex: Stop Calling!

"Hey you stop calling my beau"-Lady Gaga snaps at her boyfriend's ex.

Lady Gaga has had words with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney‘s ex after she wouldn’t stop hounding them. Since she started dating Kinney, the Vampire Diaries actor has been receiving hundreds of angry phone calls from former girlfriend Brittany Sackett. Lady Gaga snapped during a romantic meal with her boyfriend who she first met on the set of her ‘You and I’ video three months ago, after they were disturbed several times by angry phone calls from his ex.

“Brittany is extremely jealous. But as crazy as Lady Gaga is, she’s also a very good person and has a real sense of womanhood and looking out for other women.”-a source told The Sun.

The 25-year-old megastar has already been warned off Taylor by pals after Brittany, an estate agent from San Diego, claimed she was still in a relationship with the actor when he first started dating the singer.

“All of her friends are telling her to watch her step, Taylor is bound to break her heart. It’s only a matter of time before he (her boyfriend) finds someone else.”-a source added recently.

Don’t mess with Lady Gaga-she is after all the Fame Monster :)

Lady Gaga tells Boyfriend's Ex: Stop Calling!

"I told you-STOP CALLING"-Lady Gaga warns her boyfriend's ex girlfriend.