Amy Winehouse Movie

Amy Winehouse‘s life looks set to be made into a movie which will be based on celebrity journalist Daphne Barak‘s book “Saving Amy.” Several Hollywood producers are considering buying the screen rights to the book about the very gifted singer, gone too soon.

The tome explains how the reporter, who become good friends with Amy Winehouse, her ex-husband Blake and her dad Mitch, accompanied the singer to Caribbean island St Lucia and kept an eye on her while she was “resting” at hospitals in England.

One of the executive producers of Margaret Thatcher film The Iron Lady, has been linked to a possible movie about the late star. The producer is thought to be in discussions with International Creative Management‘s Jeff Berg about how to develop the movie about Amy’s life and death. There is no screenplay or director currently in place.

Finding actress who will play Amy Winehouse is possibly the biggest challenge. It has to be someone who can sing, act and have energy and talent to thrill millions.

Daniel Radcliffe tops Richest British under 30 list

Daniel Radcliffe tops Richest British under 30 list

On the top of the game: Daniel Radcliffe richest among British stars under 30.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe topped Heat’s Magazine list of the richest British entertainers under 30. The actor has been named the wealthiest British young star, after amassing almost £52 million ($80 million). His earnings were boosted by the final two films in the boy wizard franchise Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Parts 1 and 2, for which he is thought to have earned £25 million.

Keira Knightley, who starred in several of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, remained second on the richest British under 30 list, while Adele was the highest new entry at 16. Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson came third in the poll with a fortune estimated at around £25 million.

Three stars dropped out of this year’s list are opera star Katherine Jenkins and model Kelly Brook both exceeded the 30-year-old threshhold and Amy Winehouse, ranked 15th last year, died in July.

Here are the top ten Richest British stars under 30:

1. Daniel Radcliffe, 22 (£51,750,000)

2. Keira Knightley, 26 (£30,870,000)

3. Robert Pattinson, 25 (£24,910,000)

4. Emma Watson, 21 (£23,910,000)

5. Rupert Grint, 23 (£21,720,000)

6. Leona Lewis, 26 (£13,260,000)

7. Cheryl Cole 28 (£11,440,000)

8. Katie Melua, 27 (£10,760,000)

9. Craig David, 30 (£9,670,000)

10. Charlotte Church, 25 (£9,640,000).

Daniel Radcliffe tops Richest British under 30 list

Keira Knightley and Robert Pattinson, second and third place on richest British under 30 list, where Daniel Radcliffe was on top.

Amy Winehouse’s Father Gives Fans Her Clothes

Amy Winehouse‘s father, Mitch Winehouse met up with fans mourning his daughter’s death outside Amy Winehouse‘s apartment in London, along with Amy Winehouse‘s mom, Janis Winehouse & her brother Alex Winehouse.

Mitch Winehouse knew that Amy Winehouse wouldn’t have had it any other way so he gave it bunches of her clothes away to her Amy Winehouse‘s devoted fans who are now are in grief as Amy Winehouse has passed on.

Mitch Winehouse thanked the support of Amy Winehouse‘s fans as he handed out her t-shirts and accessories and other personal possessions.

Mitch Winehouse stated: “There are Amy’s T-shirts. This is what she would have wanted for her fans to have her clothes.” Before he left Mitch said: “God bless Amy Winehouse.”

Isn’t what Mitch Winehouse did for fans terribly nice and thoughtful? What do you reader think. Leave any comments or opinions here at Cele Celeb.

Mitch Winehouse- Amy Winehouse’s Father Says “She Passed Away Happy”

It’s obvious that despite all of Amy Winehouse‘s troubles her family loved her dearly…They describe Amy as a wonderful daughter and person all around with wonderful powers to influence and move people, though she never quite gave herself credit for it.

Amy Winehouse‘s, father, Mitch Winehouse stated in an attempt to make good of a tragic situation: “Knowing she wasn’t depressed, knowing she passed away, knowing she passed away happy it makes us all feel better. She was the happiest she has been for years.”

It is a good thing to know, that he feels this way after watching his only daughter go through so much in her short life to finally see her happy, though it must be equally hard and upsetting to have finally seen her somewhat happy and then make such an abrupt departure..

He also, described Amy Winehouse as: “In love, over drugs and in good spirits.” Amy Winehouse’s boyfriend: Reg Traviss helped Amy out a whole lot with her problems and she was very happy with him.

Amy Winehouse‘s death has left fans and the likes utterly distraught. It just doesn’t seem fair. Just when Amy Winehouse was finally willingly coping with her problems- she dies…Its like like ripping the last pages to a book and you never get to find out the very end.

Amy Winehouse was through with her drug dependency and was merely struggling with alcohol which is still a major problem/addiction, but she had come a long way. She had found love again in her life and was close to her family and her boyfriend…There were no signs of depression the night the soul singer never woke from her slumber. She was in her room playing drums and singing when a security guard asked her to keep it low as to not disturb neighbors and she kept it quiet, perhaps too, quiet.

RIP Amy Winehouse.