Whoopi Goldberg Adopts Kitten That Was Tossed Out of a Car In NYC

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View” recently adopted a kitten with literally nine lives as the kitten was tossed out of a moving car in New York City’s Verrazano Bridge. The Russian blue kitten named: Verrazano who’s survival story certainly touched Whoopi Goldberg when she first met the kitten when he visited “The View,” back in July.

Finally, Whoopi Goldberg was able to adopt the kitten and is absolutely smitten by him. Whoopi Goldberg announced on her Facebook page the awesome news as she wrote: “For all of you who remember me on The View meeting Verrazano. I adopted him and I was finally able to take him home.”

Verrazano was only a mere 5 weeks old when some unknown driver just launched the kitten out of his moving vehicle. An animal control officer: Brendson Ocasio luckily happened to see the kitten in the busy roadway and rescued him from getting hit by a car.

Whoopi Goldberg
calls VerrazanoVinny” (It’s a nickname for Verrazano which sure is a mouthful.) Whoopi Goldberg says he’s settling well into his new home, however her cat “Oliver” is not very welcoming of his new roommate. But according to Whoopi Goldberg, “Vinny” is having the time of his life.

Brooke Hulk
should take some notes on this selfless act against animal cruelty, instead of posing naked and calling it in so many words something she did out of her “passion for animals.” Save an animal, literally and maybe then we’ll take your advocacy towards Animal Cruelty seriously.