Tara Reid confesses: My marriage is not legal

Tara Reid confesses: My marriage isn't legal

The actress told the truth about her marriage -IT IS NOT LEGAL:Tara Reid and Zachary Kehayov.

American Pie actress Tara Reid has confessed that her marriage is not legal. The pair had a whirlwind engagement, with Bulgarian financier Zachary Kehayov proposing on the same day the wedding ceremony took place. At the time, the actress tweeted that she had just got engaged and married, thanking fans for their support and saying that she loves being a wife.

When Tara Reid, 35, and Kehayov exchanged vows on the Greek island of Santorini on August 13, no one suspected their marriage was not legal. The wedding photos featured the newlyweds both dressed in white, posing on the sand in front of the sunset. Tara also shared a photo on Twitter, featuring her diamond engagement ring and wedding ring.

However when the actress was asked if she and Zachary could win TV show The Newlywed Game, a show in which couples must answer question about one another, Tara Reid was adamant they would not get very far.

“No, we would lose. Because we were never really married. No, it was not legal.”-she confesses in a video posted on the site.

The ceremony took place just days before Tara Reid entered British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Right before her supposed wedding to Kehayov, Reid’s reps stated she married Danish businessman¬†Michael Lillelund, who denied the wedding, insisting he hadn’t spoken to the actress in months. Tara Reid had two other previous engagements, one with internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann and TV personality¬†Carson Daly.

Tara Reid confesses: My marriage is not legal

"There is nothing wrong with my marriage, except that is not legal"-Tara Reid and her "husband".