Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Use Twitter

Ryan Gosling the good looking, charming, funny and so very talented actor confesses to MTV‘s, Josh Horowitz that he has stopped using Twitter and is considering shutting down his Twitter page. Josh Horwitz staged some kind of intervention in hopes of getting Ryan Gosling to start Tweeting again.

Ryan Gosling told, Josh Horowitz: “I don’t want to just… Tweet. Nobody cares,” he said. “Well, you’re right. I’m gonna figure it out. Should I just close it down?”

(Well, Ryan Gosling, people actually do care because you’re Ryan Gosling. We’d like to know about every brain fart of a thought you have because you’re just so incredible awesome.)

Naturally, Josh Horowitz said “No!” Then he continued to probe as to why Ryan Gosling in fact had stopped tweeting. Ryan Gosling claims there’s an impostor on Twitter pretending to be him, that would Tweet, just the worse things such as “Oh Tacos.” Ryan Gosling had decided to start tweeting again and everyone abandoned his account because they thought the fake Ryan Gosling was funnier.

Naturally, Ryan Gosling is very funny and inventive and probably fabricated this whole story about people abandoning his Twitter account. As of now, Ryan Gosling has not returned to @RyanGosling, but we sure hope he does.

I bet “25 bucks and a cracker,” that he would rock at Tweeting with amusing as hell updates. He’s just too, charming to actually suck at Tweeting. we’ll be checking up on him that’s for sure.

Ryan Gosling’s new movie: “Drive,” was excellent, obscure, with has some very great, classically done violent scenes. Music (score) by Angelo Badalamenti and real cool soundtrack. Check it out if you haven’t!

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