MTV’s New Show Ridiculousness Is Ridiculous!

MTV gave the show the right title, but why even air it in the first place. I understand Rob Dyrdek is bored and just looking for a way to continue his career and make money. However, it’s time to give up on creating his own shows since he just isn’t good at it. Maybe he should look for movie scripts instead? Whatever the case is he needs to stop shamming himself with ridiculous shows such as his most recent “Ridiculousness”.

When I watch the premier last night on MTV, all I could think of was “Americas Funniest Home Videos” gone wrong. Bob Saget did a much better job, sadly to say. Aside from it being an almost replica of other shows already in existence all the videos it shows are already running online. Yes, people love to watch others getting hurt; but why would people waste their time watching it on television when they can see them online? After all online they can rewind, fast-forward, and replay them? Not too mention they get to skip over Rob’s not so funny jokes and blabbing.