Lindsey Lohan Reduce To Smaller Role On Gotti Project

This just in, the talented young but troubled actress Lindsey Lohan did not get the role as Victoria Gotti. Instead, she will play a smaller role. The role will be of daughter in law Kim Gotti, the wife of Gotti Junior.
She will be joined by big names such John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston. John will play mob boss Gotti Senior himself while his wife will play the wife, Victoria DiGiorgio.
We can’t wait! Sounds like this movie will be one for the mob hits.

Jennifer Aniston In Just Go With It

Jennifer Aniston does it again! Our beloved Aniston works her magic in yet another film “Just Go With It”. She plays Katherine Murphy a single mother of two and Adam Sandler’s office assistant. Adam Sandler aka Danny asks Katherine to pose as his soon to be ex-wife to help him pick up women. I’d tell you more but then that would ruin all the fun. You’ll simply have to check it out yourself it’s a must see!