Most Talked About & Annoying Celebrities of 2011

Everywhere you look there they go again. They are low-lives that simply don’t deserve the fame and attention that they are getting. They are rude, crude, drug addicted, insane and horrible role models.They have no morals and will stop at nothing to get the ratings they seek. These¬†individuals are the perfect examples of what NOT to be!

So why do they keep getting so much hype? Well, that would be because American’s have a love for drama and these celebrities are nothing but drama. With that being said lets take a look at the Top 5 Less Deserving, Most Talked ABout & Most Annoying Celebrities of 2011.

Lindsey Lohan – The famous good girl gone bad that can’t seem to get her life together for anything. She’s in and out of jail and rehabs every time we turn around. She’s either being sued or trying to sue someone to make up some of the money she’s lost due to her own bad choices. Every time we think it’s over she comes back with more stupidity!

Charlie Sheen РSince he was kicked off the show Two and A Half Men he has become the insane warlock, who has his priorities all screwed up. Rather then worring about his small children and professional career he rather turn to drugs, alcohol and sex. He has become the talk of the town for his insane out burst, threesome home-life  and his ugly custody battle. He went from being loved to hated faster then any other celeb I know.

The Jersey Shore Cast (mainly Snooki and The Situation) – Where do I even begin? These people are stupid, immature, drunks, and horrible role models. They give Italians and New Jerseyians a bad name. Their whole focus in life is getting tanned, getting wasted and getting laid. Seriously is that all life is about? Is that what we really want the world to come too?

The Basketball Wives Cast (mainly Evelyn and Tami) – They give women a bad name. The whole show is focued around drama in grown women lives. All they do is shop, drink and talk crap. They talked crap about everyone behind their backs and throw drinks in each others face. Did I mention that these are grown women? These are women that are close to 40 years old yet acting like teenagers. All they talk about is drama and getting laid.

Lada Gaga – The freak of all freaks! This lady or man or he/she or whatever it is, is an absolute mess. She has blown up and I have yet to figure out why. Every time I see her I want to puke. She is absolutely insane and that’s why she has developed so much fame. She’s loved and talked about only because she dares to be different and when I say different I really mean freak!