Kirsten Dunst Talks About New Film “Melancholia”

Busy with promotional duties Kirsten Dunst Talks About New Film “Melancholia” with Good Morning America today. The visitation at the ABC studios in New York City is one of the many stops to promote the new film. Dunst describes that working on the film was a great experience for her and that she was able to be herself. “Melancholia” is about two sisters who have a very strained relationship is tested even more when a strange planet is on the path to destroy earth. But it is said that this planet is all in Dunst’s character’s head. Her character is of a depressed bride who feels this strong connection to the planet.

Dunst explains her experience, “For me, every film that I do, I definitely draw from my own experiences. And then the way I work is almost like character therapy between me and who I’m playing… it is an emotional journey because this film and the director I was working with made it easy for me to be open and be very present.”

Dunst continued, “It was so freeing. It was literally like doing a play sometimes, we’d just roll, you wouldn’t know where the camera was. We’d improvise and it would roll for like 10 minutes and you wouldn’t know what was coming out of it and you could change it completely each time. So it was very inspiration as an actress to have that freedom.”

In other news, Dunst recently became an official citizen of Germany. During an interview with an German tabloid B.Z, Dunst states, “I’m now a real international lady, one who can film in Europe without a problem.” She also expressed that one day she hopes she can star in a German film, telling, “It would be the greatest joy for me to act in a German film.”

Dunst is able to speak German and she is constantly traveling to visit relatives in Hamburg. Dunst has expressed that one day she will love to purchase a home in Berlin. Dunst explains, “I would prefer to buy an apartment in Berlin. It’s such a young city, and right now so much is happening in Berlin.”

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