Kellan Lutz Launches Abbot + Main Clothing Line

Kellan Lutz Launches Abbot + Main Clothing Line this past weekend in Las Vegas. You can find the clothing line at Nordstrom department stores. The clothing line is basic grays, whites, and blacks to which it offers men hoodies, henleys, and graphic tees. The clothes do not come at a cheap price. If you really want to purchase any item be sure to have your wallet full of cash or a no credit limit credit card. Kellan Lutz and business partner Danny Guez are hoping to come out with a women’s collection by next spring. The collection is said to include 60 pieces in silk and cashmere.

As for where the name for the clothing line came from, Lutz tells press, “I used to live on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Main. And I just love the feeling in Venice. That’s what I was trying to capture with Abbot + Main.” I guess that is a good enough reason for the name selection.

Lutz also made sure that he is completely part of every decision making that goes on with the company. He states the his role in the company is important and he is loving every moment of it. “I am a part of every decision. Nothing gets decided on unless it comes through me. We raided my closet to find out what type of shirts I usually wear and what kind of fabrics I like. Because I didn’t just want to be the face of the campaign, but have it be my brand.”

Lutz continues, “I love to create. I’ve always wanted to get into fashion. I’ve always liked drawing, not Space Age stuff but high fashion.”

Recently, Lutz did a cover for GQ Style Australia for their September issue. He looked amazing in a unbuttoned denim jacket with grey shorts. He enjoyed showing off his body, which many of his Twilight female fans appreciate greatly. During the interview for the magazine he talks about how he likes to do different workouts to keep in shape and keep the workouts interesting. “I get bored working out inside, so the beach has been my place lately. I run, I swim, I play paddleball, basketball, do some mixed martial arts. I like mixing this up.”