Joss Stone Talks About Kidnapping Plot

A month after Joss Stone Talks About Kidnapping Plot, and how she feels about the alleged kidnapping and murder plot. Joss Stone is a 24 year old British songstress that seems not to be bothered too much about the whole ordeal. Many would still be frighten and terrified that someone has plotted to kidnap and kill them. Stone has a rather but shocking attitude about it all.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight she stated, “People are mental, man. But it’s alright. This is another story I can add to my list of stories. It makes my life so much more interesting. You can’t fret about things that didn’t happen, it just seems a bit silly.”

In good news, she is set to release her LP1 album on July 26, which is said to be more soulful.

We here at Cele Celeb wish her the best!