Jack Osbourne is going to be a Dad

Jack Osbourne is going to be a Dad

"I'm going to be a DAD"-Jack Osbourne.

Less than two weeks after confirming his engagement, Jack Osbourne announced that he’s going to be a dad. At the end of September, he and his fiancee Lisa Stelly confirmed their engagement after a whirlwind romance which began four months ago.

“I’m excited. I’m a little nervous.”-dad to be Jack Osbourne admitted baby news on Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday (11.10.11).

Jack and Lisa, who was thrilled when Ozzy Osbourne‘s son proposed last month, will be first-time parents. The aspiring actress gushed about her future husband when announcing their engagement.

“The most amazing man [Jack Osbourne] I’ve ever met asked me to marry him….and he wasn’t joking. Crazy, right? :) .”-mom to be Lisa tweeted last month.

Congrats to dad to be Jack and his 26-year-old fiancee.

Jack Osbourne is going to be a Dad

The recently engaged couple, soon will be parents: Jack Osbourne (dad to be) and Lisa Stelly.