The Return of Beyond Scared Straight Season 2 Premiers August 18

Beyond Scared Straight is a documentary TV series that is based off the movie “SCARED STRAIGHT!”. “SCARED STRAIGHT!” was a documentary film by Arnold Shapiro, which won an Academy Award & multiple-Emmy winnings.  The second season of the TV series “BEYOND SCARED STRAIGHT” primers on Thursday, August 18th on A&E at 10p.m.

The show takes 4-5 out-of-control or at-risk teens between the ages of 11-19 and has them spend the day behind bars with big time prisoners. The kids are screamed at, threaten ad taught the truth about what life behind bars is really like. They show before the kids enter the program, during their stay at the prison and then does a follow up about a month later of each teen.

Some teens laugh and make a joke out of it, while others are brought to teens with the reality of life behind bars. Criminals tell their story, what got them locked up and what their day to day lives are really like. They give graphic details to the rap and violence that takes place in the jails and prisons daily in an attempt to get these teens making wiser choices.

The launch of the first season brought in a record breaking 3.7 million viewers. However, not everyone is jumping for joy about the return of “Beyond Scared Straight” stating that they believe it does more harm then good.

Juvenile crime expert John Wilson says, “I hope people will get the facts and see that the research is clear that Scared Straight is a failed program that does more harm than good.”

CJJ Deputy Director Tara Andrews says,“The research has shown Scared Straight to be at best ineffective and at worst counter-effective.”

WSIPP Senior Research Associate Elizabeth Drake said,“This is the only program we reviewed that actually increases crime.”

How does a show that’s focus is to help teens turn their lives around, end up doing the complete opposite?

May 21, 2011 Mayonnaise Rapture Day Theory

In the past week or so, I’ve read some pretty interesting takes on May 21, 2011: Day of Rapture according to Christian radio broadcaster: Harold Camping.

One of the most interesting takes I’ve read about May 21,2011 is the Mayonnaise theory. A theory concocted by one of Harold Camping‘s fellow followers. As if Camping’s prediction wasn’t enough this fellow follower gathered his own conclusions from a variety of things including Mayonnaise.

This is what he stated:I mean, look – Mat 21st. 2+1 = 3. There are 3 parts of the holy trinity. BAM! There are also 3 letters in May. BAM! May 21st is the birthday of Notorious B.I.G. What does B.I.G. stand for? Believe in God. BAM! The month of May. Add an “o” you get Mayo. Mayonnaise has a lot of calories. CALories, like in CALifornia. Who was just the governor of California? Arnold Schwarzenegger – who starred in Terminator 2 – JUDGMENT DAY! Told ya.”

Sure it’s outlandish but highly creative. I must give him some props. What are your thoughts on May 21, 2011, The Day of Rapture/End of The World. Drop your comments and opinions here on Celeb Celeb!