Star Book Celebrity, Inc Explains it All

A recent editorial in the New York Magazine noted the book How Famous People Make Money. Composer Jo Piazza elaborates on how actresses like Snooki are more than just reality TV stars but instead are money smart financial experts. It seems the reason proclaimed is fans. Surely the Benjamins are pushed by the celebrity’s model brand. Considering people are disgusted by these actresses, whether it be adoration or anger, these reality TV stars know how to milk it and get rich. They even do publicizing for their own brand with events. When they are no longer sought after, they’ve already made their mega bucks. Composer Jo Piazza talks about that it’s not because they are dumb, but instead because they are knowledgable capitalists. Check out How Famous People Make Money when it is unveiled for the entire scoop.

Sexy Pictures of Singer JoJo

Long ago JoJo was viewed as a little girl who dreamt of being a singer and she was a little girl, but JoJo as aged and became a beautiful and sexy woman. All of her fans are in complete awe in how amazing she looks as a young adult. JoJo has kept her style classy and fierce. Her singing career is still in the making and one day she will be making big hits again. If you are looking for other classy, yet sexy celebs check out Sexy Photos of Olivia Palermo. This lady definitely knows how to dress.

Top Five Weird Famous Couples Over The Years

Failed Celeb Couples

Entertainers generally shift around boyfriends and girlfriends as much as they switch their clothes. Some last for a little while before terminating the relationship, while a few are a complete failure from the get go. Relationships should be taken definitely genuine, but for some rationalization quite a few celebrities do not or they involve themselves into these crazy relationships that is totally no good from the get go. Here are the Top 5 Worst Celebrity Couples Over The Years:

1. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

2. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

3. Sammie and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

4. Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

5. Halle Berry and Eric Benet

This list of actor and actress couples have either slept with other people, physically abused and countless of other things to each other. These are the most unhealthy relationships Hollywood has seen and I am sure there are a lot more crazy companions to come. We should hope in the near future celebs will choose their spouses more sensibly.

Top 5 Most Handsome Men Artists, Actors & Models Right Now

Men celebs are always assumed to be well shaped and look completely sexy.  The sexier they are a lot more lady supporters they can get and everybody knows that woman fans will buy and do anything for them. These celebrities are regularly in the public eye and have their family and so much more discussed about. These guys have to make sure that their charm is consistently good to go and to maintain their female supporters happy. Aside from looking good these artists and actors are very gifted and proud of their work. Below is a list of Top Five Most Attractive Guy Artists & Actors Of 2012:

1. Paul Walker

2. Ryan Reynolds

3. Johnny Depp

4. Joe Manganiello

5. Ryan Phillippe

As always there are tons of other men celebs that could have made this small list, but at this moment these are our most loved artists and actors. They are definitely hot to stare at and many ladies enjoy their movies or song tracks. Don’t let it slip your mind to keep visiting for more amazing artist and actor material.

Celeb Book Celebrity, Inc Explains it All

A brand new piece in the Philadelphia Enquirer underlined the book Celebrity, Inc. Writer Jo Piazza elaborates on how TV personalities like Angelina Jolie are above being just celebrities but rather are business savvy capitalists. It seems the reason annotated is fans. Of Course the greenbacks are blown up by the celeb’s created brand. Not to mention peeps are fascinated by these TV personalities, whether it be love or anger, these celebrities know how to ride that pony and get paid. They even do marketing for their own brand with ads. Once they are not a big deal, they’ve surely made their jackpot. Writer Jo Piazza makes it known that it’s not because they are dumb, but rather because they are intelligent financial experts. Check out Celebrity, Inc when it is unveiled for the full enchilada.