Britney Spears Ex-Bodyguard Is Trashing Her By Telling Lies

Fernando Flores is Britney Spears ex-bodyguard and not only is he suing her for sexual harassment but he’s also, trashing her around town saying things such as that Britney Spears had poor hygiene (hardly ever showered), farted all the time and was on methamphetamines (Speed).

Sources connected directly to the starlet say that Britney Spears simply says: “He’s a liar.”

Whether it’s true or not, is really of little importance because while he’s trying to make Britney Spears appear disgusting, he’s making himself look like a douche bag. What do those allegations have to do with the sexual harassment issue? Not a damn thing. He’s just one of those men that likes to to trash women around in hopes of looking good and gaining some points…But anyone with any decency and that isn’t in High School knows that talking smack like that won’t get you very far in life. It’s not going to work, buddy, you’ve hung yourself! Fernando Flores just sounds like he’s up to his nose in crap, including sexual harassment claim…