“Revenge” Actress Christa B. Allen Hangs Out At NBC Studios

Christa B. Allen is an actress best known for her role as Charlotte Grayson on the ABC drama series Revenge. Allen has starred in movies such as 13 Going on 30, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, One Wish and Detention of the Dead. She has starred in television shows such as Medium, Cake, The Suite Life on Deck, ER, Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case and most recently as a recurring role on Revenge. Take a look at her Twitter page @christabrittany to see what she is up too these days. Don’t forget to read about Meg Ryan Looks Old & Tired Walking Through NYC to see what other celebrities are doing.

Gorgeous Singer- Kylie Minogue & Muse Band Member Sign Autographs In London

It was truly epic when the gorgeous Australian singer- Kylie Minogue and “Muse” band members got together outside of Grosvenor House in London and greeted loving fans, as well, as signed autographs and took a few phone pics with their beloved fans. Both Kylie Minoque and “Muse” band mates appeared excited and in great spirits. They happily signed autographs for their fans and gave them the time of day. Check out more photos in the gallery below…

If you’re a fan of Kylie Minogue follow her on Twitter- @kylieminogue as well as Muse- @muse.

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Ben Affleck Takes Jennifer Garner & Kids To Dinner

Ben Affleck is definitely living on cloud nine at the moment since his film Argo that he directed and starred in has been a complete hit. He decided to take his lovely wife Jennifer Garner and their daughters to enjoy a nice dinner at the Toscana Restaurant in Brentwood, California. They left their little boy with the nanny for the night. Affleck hurried up and parked the car after dropping off his family at the front door. Take a look at the father of three Twitter page @BenAffleck and read up on Fashion Designer Whitney Port Heads To Tanning Salon to get more celebrity news.

Todd Alan Clem And Hulk Hogan aka Terry Gene Bollea Passed Around Heather Clem

Hollywood Hogan & HeatherClem sex video recently appeared on the world wide web a few days ago and it has accomplished an immense amount of amazement. HeatherClem was hitched to Todd Alan Clem who is a known radio host who’s teamed up with HowardStern. At the time Todd Alan Clem & HeatherClem got hitched, Hollywood Hogan was the groomsman. On the sex video it positively demonstrates how Hollywood Hogan hammered HeatherClem in her & BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE’s bedchamber. This very fact leads to a lot of onlookers to buy that Hollywood Hogan & Todd Alan Clem were sharing HeatherClem who was Terry Boulder’s ex spouse, LindaHogan’s BFF. HeatherClem was always known to be a very hot babe that adored posting dazzling pictures of herself & placing them on the world wide web. Now we find out that Heather Clem was moreover, a sex fiend which fancied being hammered by Hollywood Hogan and being documented while in her romps.

“Smash” Star Katharine McPhee Ignores Husband In Public

Katharine McPhee, Smash actress, seems to be totally into what is going on with her cellphone than by any type of attention to her husband Nick Cokas. The couple went out to eat at Cafe Cluny and then purchased sweets at Li-Lac with some friends. McPhee continued to ignore her husband almost the entire outing and only focused on her cellphone and friends. Is the actress losing interest in her husband? Read up on her official Twitter page @katharinemcphee and check out John Legend & His Fiancee Chrissy Teigen Hang Out In NYC.

Sexy Australian Actress- Isla Fisher In West Hollywood Carrying A Script Around

Sexy, Australian actress- Isla Fisher looked mighty busy while in West Hollywood. The talented actress was carrying around what appeared to be a script and was in the company of her bodyguard. Isla Fisher might have been carrying a very important script as she saw that a body guard was in demand. Whatever the case is, I sure do hope that the hip looking and magnificent actress has her hands on some great material. She’s a top notch actress, but I feel she doesn’t get enough credit.

Check out Isla Fisher’s cute ankle boots:

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Kristin Cavallari Lost All Baby Weight & Is Planning For Second Baby

Kristin Cavallari just gave birth last month and already has her body back to looking good. She is already in the planning stages of having her second child. Cavallari just wants to get it out of the way and have her body looking great again in a matter of a month. It seems fiance Jay Cutler is okay with having a second child right away. Cavallari stopped by a skin care shop in West Hollywood to pick up some much needed products to keep her skin looking great. Check out what the new mom has been up too @KristinCav via Twitter and read up on Sexy Shia LaBeouf Takes A Stroll Around Malibu.