Soon To Be Married Miley Cyrus Gets A Short Hair Style

Soon to be married Miley Cyrus had to impact the social media world when she downloaded a new picture of herself with her hair cut off. She had celebrity hair cutter Chris McMillan chop all of her medium length hair completely off and she enjoys every bit of attention she is having. Ms. Cyrus continues to try her best to step away from the Disney star that loads of viewers see her as. A lot of people are definitely hoping that she plans on putting hair extensions for her upcoming nuptials though, because that hairstyle is a bit weird. Ms. Cyrus’ future husband must be definitely in love with her because that hair style is not normal. The picture is courtesy of Miley Cyrus Twitter account- @MileyCyrus.

Places To Meet Daters In Your City

Singles who are desiring to chat with other singles seem to constantly seek in the incorrect places like lounges and clubs. If you truly want to meet a individual that you can have a real vibe with then you must locate this kind of individual at a place where the drinks aren’t being taken and the booties are not moving against one another. Venture out to spots that you have not once considered. Here is a small list of locations you might want to take under advisement.

Top 3 Places To Chat With Local Singles:

1. Adult Learning Classes

2. Swing Lessons

3. Internet Dating Websites

Some men and woman need more options, for that try blowing alleys and fundraiser events; or you might be a single parent who should go to more of your child’s school activities.

Ms. Upton Dancing The “Cat Daddy” On Youtube

Kate Upton has become the most loved model of every single dude as she has a marvelous figure. Ms. Kate Upton slender figure, out of hand curves and big boobies, which can be witnessed boastfully debuted in the GQ July issue.

The sexy model will be witnessed clothed in a blue, red and white star striped swimsuit. This model made her way to the top when a tape of her performing the “Cat Daddy” was posted on the Youtube webpage, but was temporarily taken down due to breaching the rules of the site. A lot of Kate Upton fans protested and the clip was added back onto the webpage.  Make certain to keep a look out on this breathtaking twenty year old model as she is strongly believed to be doing big things with her modeling career.


Remembering MJ’s Life

June 25th marks the 3 year date of Michael Jackson’s passing. It was definitely a depressing day when MJ passed away at at the age of fifty from cardiac arrest at his house. Dr. Conrad Murray was his at home doctor which was allowing him to mix too many different dangerous meds. When the coroner disclosed that the untimely death was a murder case, Dr. Murray was accused involuntary manslaughter and is serving time in prison for a term of 4 years.

Mr. Jackson truly had one of the greatest music careers probably forever and he inspired lots of inspiring singers. Thousands of affectionate fans and quite a few of artists became active on their Twitter profiles to say something sincere for the passed on pop icon. Michael Jackson’s songs will keep on forever for years in the future never cease till the world ends.


Hollywood Couple Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp End Relationship

The past few months it was said that the Hollywood couple were separated due to troubles in the companionship. Mr. Johnny Depp denied the rumors and has told many news reporters that the two were absolutely joyful with one another.

Today, Johnny Depp’s publicist stated that the Hollywood couple have called it off and told Entertainment Tonight “Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have amicably separated.  Please respect their privacy and, more importantly, the privacy of their children.” Depp and his long time girlfriend have been together for a little over 14 years and have two children, Lily Rose, 13 and Jack, ten years old. Right now no report on what motivated the split has been told.


The King Of L.A Riots Dies At An Early Age

Over the weekend a dead body was uncovered in a backyard private pool in CA and that body was of Rodney King. It’s reported said that Mr. Rodney King passed away from accidently drowning. Mr. Rodney King is acknowledged by next door neighbors to take late night swims as they can the noises of him taking a dip.

Mr. Rodney King’s fiancée is the female who discovered the body and called 911. The detective reviewing the case has stated to the news that King was only in the swimming pool for the time frame of 4 minutes right before he accidently drowned. No narcotics or alcohol was located on the scene, but is not being passed on. Mr. Rodney King is recognized for being the black guy who was viciously battered by several Caucasian cops in L.A which lead to the most awful race turmoil the United States has ever had.


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