Enchanting Men in Film Now!

Gorgeous Guys in Film

Now a days, there’s tons of hunky & skilled males in film that it’s hard to choose which is your very favorite, but there are quite a few that come to mind. For Instance, Gael Garcia Bernal, and that’s just a few that are both intelligent & hunky. Nevertheless, for some strange reason they don’t pick up as much kudos as other more famous talents.

Often, talents such as George Clooney draw glory while other males talents remain unrecognized. Nevertheless, George Clooney is excellent, I find that  talents like Ben Foster and Josh Hartnett are more stirring and dazzling in their films, they’re also, the sexiest males in the movie business in all eternity but sadly, not given sufficient credit.

Singles Out Jenny McCarthy Poses for July/August Issue of Playboy

Singles Out Jenny McCarthy reveals her body for her 6 Playboy magazine cover for her 40th birthday. The Playboy issue shows the blonde bombshell sporting only fishnet gloves and black thigh high boots. McCarthy was featured first on the cover of Playboy years back in October of 1993 to which she was announced as Playmate of the Month and then named Playmate of the Year sometime in 1994. For this July/August issue she presented in a 8 page photo shoot shot by photographer Steve Shaw. Jenny McCarthy tells, “They’re really elegant,” of the photos. “It’s probably a lot more sophisticated than a lot of the stuff you’d see of people with their clothes on.” Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy magazine is expected to land on stores on the 29th of June.

Influential & Foxy Expectant Moms In The Movie Industry Today

Just in case you didn’t notice, yet again there’s another marvelous baby fever with gals in The Movie Business. There’s loads of hot and widely known gals in performing arts that are now expecting moms to be. A few of these gals entail, the dazzling, Drew Barrymore and Vanessa Lachey & lots more.

Ladies more than ever before show that they are crazed by the idea of becoming mothers & want to experience their womanly instincts instead of being on television 24/7. All of these distinguished, pregnant ladies are looking so gorgeous as they long to being mothers.

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Madge Shows Breast on MDNA Tour

During the weekend, during a performance on the MDNA Tour, Madge got wild just like when she was at her prime with a mesmerizing gig in Europe in which she blatantly showed her chest to the public. Sadly, her daring move has incited unfavorable opinions. Tons of her followers have expressed her move as a hasty attempt from Madge to cause a frenzy as she did back at her prime.

Nonetheless, it definitely left her with a bad rep. Madge is now looked at ridiculous. There’s no doubt, Madge screwed up. Well, I conclude that Madge should quit from daring moves.  Madge is much too old to be flaunting her chest to the public at a appearance like she’s still a youngling. The fact of the matter is, that it is disgusting. Madge cover your boobs!

LiLo Crashes Rental Car While Filming Elizabeth Taylor’s Life’s Story

LiLo yet again makes headlines, but at least it is not a big deal and she will not be taken to county jail for this disaster. Many of you may know Ms. Lindsay Lohan is debuting as the deceased Elizabeth Taylor in the Liz and Dick production of. The rental car company brought on by the movie makers made it clear that they do not want LiLo driving one of their rental car. Of course, Lindsay managed to get in a rental car and smashed into a semi-truck. Right now, the insurance company have not omit their policy but the producers now have voiced their rules and are not allowing Lohan to get hold of one of their rental cars anymore during the movie. Will she try to obey the rules?

Hip-Hop Artist Ms. K Michelle

Since the moment this remarkable girl debuted on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Hip-Hop fans have gone wild on searching the net to get more history on this woman.  All we have is that she has a good looking body shape and a talented singer. Ms. Kimberly Michelle is also the kind hearted mommie of a little boy whose daddy is said to be Memphitz, who has been said to be a huge woman beater and stole lots of money from her recording deal to pay himself. Kimberly Michelle was offered a contract for Jive Records 4 years ago, but the recording company didn’t advertise her and she is finally out of that horrible company. Ms. Kimberly Michelle devotes her time to continue moving along with her songstress career with no recording company at this moment, but is appreciative of R.Kelly who guide her to be a well-rounded singer ever since they met in 2008.